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Firstly, are you looking for a karaoke gig close to where you live? Well, we you have come to the right place because we have a local karaoke directory to search. Obviously, KJ's and pub/club owners can also advertise their venues and businesses here free of charge.

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Karaoke gigs can obviously be a great place to have a party. With this in mind, you need to connect to your local karaoke venue and make arrangements. Therefore, Karaoke Gig lists local pubs and clubs that are close to you. Of course, now you can plan for a great night out.

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So, you want to sing at a karaoke gig, no worries we have a list of local karaoke venues here. However, we also have much more information about karaoke as well. Therefore, once you found a karaoke gig, check out the rest of the website. In a word, if its karaoke related, its here.

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Here at the Karaoke Gig online, we also help karaoke lovers connect to their local venues. In short, karaoke lovers are able to choose the places close to where they live to have a karaoke party. Obviously, if you know of a karaoke gig close to you, advertise it here and tell all.

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Obviously, many KJ's, DJ's or karaoke venues may wish to operate their own website. Well, now they can do so here. Of course, we provide the hosting, domain name, security and tools. So, if you want more control over your content, create a disco or karaoke website here.

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Firstly, this exclusive club at the Karaoke Gig Network is for KJ's, DJ's and other interested parties. In order to place your karaoke event or disco in our directory you need to subscribe first. With our top yearly subscription, you can also create your own website here. So, consider joining the network today and publicise your music events using the power of Karaoke Gig.

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Find local karaoke nights out here as well as discos, bars or other music gigs. Karaoke Near Me allows our visitors to find a karaoke gig close by of course. However, visitors can also search for local discos and even live bands. In fact, finding local entertainment is what we are all about. So, start searching the Karaoke Gig Directory here to find music events close to you.

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The Karaoke Gig Network is not only for karaoke events, this is just our domain name of course. For example, we have an events directory which lists other local entertainment events too. However, this area is where our website information is. For instance, we have a contact page and an 'About Us' page too. Also, this is where our Privacy Policy is as well as other site info.

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In short, our forum here at the Karaoke Gig Network allows for two things. Firstly, it allows anyone to post articles about anything under the sun, after all it is a public forum. Secondly, it allows KJ's/DJ's and event organisers to promote music shows such as karaoke, discos or other nights out etc. So, join the Ads 'n Chat Forum today and start the party with a bang!
Party Goers: Indeed, here at the Karaoke Gig Network, you can search for local karaoke nights out. Of course, our entertainment directory not only lists local karaoke shows but other music events too. For example, you may be looking for a local disco or another type of music event. Of course, local karaoke is our primary concern. However, you can plan a local night out better once you know what's on in your area. So, use the search engine in our directory to find out where karaoke or disco is happening in your town. Obviously, just click on the Karaoke Near Me link above and start planning your evenings out.
KJ's/DJ's/Event Owners: In short, promoting your karaoke or disco on the Karaoke Gig Network couldn't be easier. Firstly, decide which subscription you need and the rest is easy. For example, our Bronze Membership allows you to list your event in our directory. With our Silver Membership, you can also create your very own music type website on our network. Of course, you can make a beautiful looking website here as we provide all the tools you need. So, click on the KJ Club link above to find out more.