Paul McCartney Sings Karaoke

In the first place, you have to give it to Sir Paul McCartney, he is such a sport. Not only did he show us all around his home town of Liverpool but he performed for us. This was both in the car where Paul McCartney sings karaoke, then in a pub he used to play in. Obviously that was in his younger days with the Beatles. In short, watch the video at the bottom of the page.

Honestly, can you imagine sitting in a pub when Paul McCartney turns up unannounced. That would be so unreal. But you would welcome it like they did in Liverpool. Be that as it may, Paul McCartney sings karaoke in a car with James Corden and the video is now viral.
Paul McCartney Sings Karaoke - carpool with James Corden

Sir Paul McCartney is such a sport singing karaoke

Paul McCartney Sings Karaoke

So for those who have yet to see the video, here it is. This video will bring in a new generation of supporters for both him and karaoke, so hats off to that.

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