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Firstly, welcome to the Site Info page at the Karaoke Gig Network. In short, the following links are available by using the tabs above. However, you may reach these pages from this landing page:

About Us Obviously, this is where we tell you who we are and what our aims are. Indeed, there’s more to us than just karaoke!
Contact Us While we are a friendly bunch here, please ensure your communications are relevant. Also, allow a little time for a reply.
Privacy Policy Of course, here we tell you about our commitments to you and about cookies. Obviously, this is a must on our site info pages!

Site Info

The pages above are basically those which inform our members and visitors about various information concerning our website. Obviously, our aim is to help the connection between the public and karaoke events or discos. Since our membership is exclusive to KJ’s/DJ’s or event organisers, consider joining us today and become part of the network.

Karaoke Gig Forum

Finally, just to point out that our Message Boards are open to all for any subject matter. However, Karaoke Jockeys or Disc Jockeys etc., can promote their gigs in the forum free of charge. Obviously, promoting a gig in a free forum will never match our exclusive gig directory. But, ensure you read the forum rules!

Site Info at the Karaoke Gig Network includes the about us, contact us and provacy policy pages. However, you may also want to create a music website too.

Indeed, a little less conversation and a little more karaoke!

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