About Us

Obviously, as our domain name suggests, the Karaoke Gig Network is mostly about karaoke!

However, we also have an interest in all types of evening entertainment. So, as well as listing local karaoke events, we also list discos etc. In fact, our website allows visitors here to connect to local event organisers such as KJ’s and DJ’s.

We are all about karaoke and disco - join in today sing like a star!
So, consider joining us and become part of this local connection.

In short, we are have a subscription based membership that allows members to publicise their local events. Generally speaking, by joining us, you become part of the team here with the aim of helping party goers!

Website Visitors

All About Us. Karaoke or disco near me. Advertise your karaoke show here.
Our Karaoke Near Me directory obviously allows our visitors to find local karaoke venues. Likewise, Discos Near Me allows our visitors to find local discos.
However, we combined both directories to form one main entertainment directory. As a result, visitors to the Karaoke Gig Network can easily plan an evening out here. So, start your search today.


In order to become a member of the Karaoke Gig Network, you need to subscribe. Our exclusive club has the name KJ Club, but is for all KJ’s and DJ’s including venue owners too. In fact, if you provide evening entertainment for the public, consider joining us. This is because we are all about giving the public a fun night out.

Becoming a subscribing member of the KJ Club entitles you an entry into the directory, of course. However, we also allow you to create your own karaoke website too. In fact, DJ’s can also create a beautiful looking music website as well as venue owners too. Moreover, we provide all you need such as unlimited bandwidth and many themes.

Karaoke Gig Forum

Finally, we provide a forum for all. Indeed, it is free to join and allows for more social interaction. So, whether you just want a good old natter, or want free promotion of your karaoke or disco, consider joining.

About us here at the Karaoke Gig Network. List your music event here - karaoke near me!

Of course, we are are about karaoke but also disco too!

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